Project Design

Light4Food offers guidance and solutions for hydroponic systems from idea to realization:

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Project Design

Your idea for growing in a hydroponic system will be developed into a Project Design by our multi-disciplinary project team consisting of plant specialists and technical engineers. The Project Design depends on multiple facets which are determined by the market, to be grown crops and geographic location.

A Project Design consists of:

  • Flowchart engineering in relation to the desired output of produce: required area for germination, ponds design, internal logistic, automation capacities and an estimation of labor demand, amount of substrate required and amount of waste product generated
  • Cost price engineering for a substantiated business case
  • Project engineering for project realization of ponds, water- and nutrient system, lighting, climate and machinery
  • Cultivation plan engineering for an optimal combination between market demand, varieties and growing system


Research & Development

Light4Food continuously invests in Research & Development which is conducted in the Indoor GrowHow Facilities, consisting of climate chambers with over 650m2 surface. Our R&D Department aims for the ultimate intersection of plant science and technology. Research is conducted into both the ultimate growing recipe for the plants and into optimum technologies to enable plant growth.’