Indoor GrowHow

Indoor Growing is relatively new and offers a wide array of possibilities for growers. In order to develop new technology for indoor growing, discover the possibilities of indoor growing and being able to guide our customers, Light4Food invested in its Indoor GrowHow Department by building the Indoor GrowHow Facilities that are operated by Plant Specialists. The research in the Indoor GrowHow Facilities offers insights in how plants react on our technical solutions and is therefore pinpointed on the intersection of technical engineering and plant science.

Our Indoor GrowHow Department offers the following services:

Feasibility study

Based on our conducted research, we can assess business cases in the form of a feasibility study for a certain crop or cultivation system. The conducted research is used as a program of requirements for a Project Design. Based on the empirical cultivation data and the Project Design, we can assess a business case that examines the costs of construction versus revenues for an indoor project.

Agronomic Research

For specific research questions, we offer Agronomic Research in our Indoor GrowHow Facilities. Our Plant Specialists can carry out the desired research in collaboration with the client. This research can be conducted into improving existing growing methods, developing new growing methods or developing Growing Recipes. This Growing Recipe holds a certain variety of crop combined with climate conditions, lighting recipe and nutrient solutions, and ensures the same output of harvested product.

Start-up & Agronomic support

Light4Foods technical solutions, being Climate Chambers, Hydroponic Growing and LED Greenhouse Solutions, are started up by our Plants Specialists. After our technical engineers and mounting crews complete the project site, the Plant Specialists enter the project site to assist the customer to operate the technical installation and advice in cultivation plans by agronomic guidance. This service is standard included with our products.

Indoor GrowHow Facilities

Our Indoor GrowHow Facilities cover over 650 m2 and offer a great array of possibilities in plant research. We both have multiple layer as one layer climate chambers that suit a wide variety of crops.