Hydroponic Growing

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About Hydroponic Growing 

Hydroponic growing is a system were polystyrene or BlowMold plates are floating on a nutrient enriched water pond. These plates are so-called floats. The floats are filled with peat and are sown with seeds. As the floats are floating on the water, the peat acts as a buffer for the seeds because it is not in direct contact with water. The roots grow through the peat into the water. On top of the floats, the seeds grow into leafy greens.

Characteristics of the system:

  • ‘All you can eat’ for the plants as the roots are always in the nutrient enriched water
  • Water used by the plant is the only water extracted from the ponds
  • Leaves grow towards the light, roots grow into the nutrient enriched water
  • Continuous process as floats are reusable and growing can be done year-round
  • The air chamber between the soil and the water ensure a good balance between water, air and roots


+      Flexibility in variety of crops to respond to market demand

+      95% Less water-use in comparison to traditional cultivation

+      Possibility to grow year-round

+      Harvest just in time

+      High yields per growing area

+      Maximum cultivation surface

+      Possibility to have multiple harvest moments from a single seedling

+      No use of crop protection agents

+      Grow close to the market

+      Automated process, labor efficient

+      Proven system for head-, babyleaf-, and teenleaf lettuce, herbs, cress, and other leafy greens