Light4Food has the following fields of expertise:

  • Technical installation

Technical installation is the lifeline of well-functioning climate chambers and nutrient systems. Here we have knowledge of air treatment, climate units and nutrient systems. Light4Food specializes in realizing the right climate conditions in climate chambers by means of heating, cooling, humidification and CO2 systems. The realization of an identical microclimate on each cultivation layer is possible because we can rely on more than 40 years of technical experience.








  • Machinery

Light4Food develops and realizes complete machine lines for the cultivation on water by using floaters. This starts with the filling of the floaters and ends with the harvesting of the crop. We also take the responsibility for processing the remaining plant material and have developed systems in which the floaters can be reused for a new crop. In addition, we develop fully automated systems for indoor growing.

  • Automation

In order to be able to automate mechanical installations easily, the automation department works with Priva for control of climate chambers and with Siemens for the machinery. Our engineers design the electrical installations and program the software up to the desire of the customers resulting in a user-friendly installation. All our systems are remotely controllable. This enables us to provide our customers worldwide with fast service, straight from our HQ in Horst, the Netherlands.







  • Plant Sciences

Light4Food engineers technical solutions from the plants point of view. Therefore, we invest in research into Plant Sciences. In order to achieve the optimal use of our products and systems, our Plant Specialists provide practical training to customers. We have our own growing facilities, the Indoor GrowHow Facilities, in which we carry out continuous cultivation research to determine the feasibility of business cases, to develop growing recipes or to develop new growing methods. In addition, the interaction between technique and plants is continuously being studied. As a result, our products and systems are further developed, which ensures continuous innovation.