Greenhouse LED Solutions

The use of LED in greenhouse gives several advantages:

  •          Year round production
  •          Uniform crops
  •          Induce desired coloring of the crops
  •          Crops can be steered into desired form
  •          Electricity efficient
  •          Less heat production in comparison to traditional lighting, resulting in a stable greenhouse climate
  •          Possibility to replace HPS lighting one on one

Light4Food engineers and realizes LED greenhouse solutions from knowledge and experience. Our Plant Specialists discuss with the grower what the goal of the use of LED is. For instance, this could be the acceleration of growing cycles, blossoming of flowers at the desired moment or being able to grow year-round. The goal is translated into a Light Plan foreseen with advice into the required light spectrum and intensity. This light plan also takes local electrical regulation into considerations.

The next step is the realization of the installation on project site. After our technical engineers and mounting crews leave the project site, the grower is supported by our Plant Specialists in how to use the LED lighting installation and is foreseen with cultivation guidance and advice. Our Plant Specialists stay involved in your cultivation and inform the grower about the latest developments from our Indoor GrowHow Facilities.

Light4Food is a certified Philips LED Horti Partner and therefore offers the following products for a greenhouse LED installation:

  • Toplighting

    Full LED or Hybrid solution with traditional lighting

    Compact Module – possibility to replace traditional lighting one on one

    Linear module

  • Interlighting

  • Flowering