IDEA – your idea for an Indoor Growing project is discussed with Light4Food and from here, the first steps are made.

PROGRAM OF REQUIREMENTS – the requirements of the realization of your idea will be determined jointly. From the possibilities of cultivation to the economic viability of your business case, and from the technical requirements of the system to the logistic processes. Your idea will be discussed from the first tests to realization of the end project.

START OF RESEARCH – the program of requirements is tested on the economic viability, technical- and cultivation possibilities. This can be done in an existing Light4Food test facility or in a new developed facility for the client.

ENGINEERING – the engineering is set up based on the program of requirements and the outcome of the research. This engineering can exist of, amongst others, the construction, the cultivation system, the climate control, the automation, the machines, the logistics, the LED lightingsystem, the measuring system and the software.

REALIZATION – the endsystem is built and delivered.

START UP SUPPORT – the facility is going to be used by the client. The client will be trained by Light4Food to use the systems. We guide the client in technical and cultivation aspects to start up the facility.

MAINTENANCE AND CULTIVATION GUIDANCE – technical maintenance and monitoring of our project, and cultivation guidance to jointly achieve the optimum result and keep innovating.