Research Equipment

Light4Food offers Research Equipment for accessible and affordable research into indoor growing. We offer several possibilities:

LED Lighting
By using LED, research can be conducted into the effect of light spectra and intensity on plant growth. We offer several LED modules:

-          Philips Horti LED production module – fixed spectrum and intensity, multiple light recipes possible

-          Philips Horti LED dynamic module – adjustable spectrum and intensity, discover your own light recipe

LED Growing Trolleys

By using LED Growing Trolleys, the researcher can start doing research into growing crops in multiple layers using LED. As the system is ‘plug-and-play’ and operates stand-alone, it can be installed easily in existing conditioned rooms or climate chambers. In addition, it is moveable and thereby flexible to use. The system is equipped with a controllable irrigation system and can be installed with LED Production modules (fixed spectrum) or Dynamic Modules (intensity and spectrum adjustable). We offer several types of standard LED Growing Trolleys, but can also realize tailor made LED Growing Trolleys for other applications, like in hospitality.














PAR Spectrometers are used to assess light intensity and spectrum. The Spectrometers are user-friendly and offer simple solutions to storage data.

Light4Food offers the following Spectrometers:

  •      PAR 200
  • PG 200 N