Growing System

Light4Food offers guidance and solutions for hydroponic systems from idea to realization:

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  3. Growing System
  4. Automated System


Complete Growing system

Light4Food develops and realizes everything you need for the hydroponic growing system

Ponds, water & nutrients

Our hydroponic growing system is based on growing on floats in ponds. The ponds act as a nutrient rich buffer where both short and long cycle crops can grow in a natural way in the least amount of time as possible. Light4Food designs and realizes:

  • Irrigation systems for water quality control, EC and PH dosing and nutrients dosing and controls by Priva water equipment
  • Water treatment installation with UV or Ozon treatment
  • Growing ponds made out of concrete or tailor-made construction
  • Floaters that float on the pond and on which the crops grow
  • The desired oxygen levels in the water by Moleaer Nanobubble technology

Climate and Lighting

In order to ensure year-round growing conditions, the growing system needs reliable and precise climate control and electricity efficient lighting. Therefore, Light4Food designs and realizes:

  • Climate control solutions by Priva climate computer
  • CO2 control system by Priva climate computer
  • Lighting solutions by Signify LED, can be full LED or a hybrid solution


After seeding, the floaters are placed into a germination chambers. The controlled climate ensures an optimal germination process by reaching up to 95% humidity levels. In this way, the seeds germinate uniform, quickly and successful.

Light4Food Germination chambers ensure:

  • High germination rates
  • Uniform climate and humidity conditions
  • Space-efficient solution
  • Air distribution specifically designed for germinating floats
  • Controlled through Priva climate computer


For every case, the optimum propagation system is engineered. Depending on several aspects like available area, electricity costs and the demanded duration of the whole growing cycle, propagation can be applied in two forms:

  • Separate propagation ponds in the greenhouse under same conditions as cultivation of the crops
  • Indoor propagation in a climate chamber in which the grower has control over light spectrum and intensity, temperature, humidity, CO2 and nutrients dosing

Transport from and to propagation and transplanting of young plants can be done manually or automatically via machinery (see Automated System).