Core values

Light4Food aims for sustainable cultivation of crops in an efficient way that can be used 365 days a year. In this way we make it possible to produce fresh and locally grown food in every part of the world.

In order to achieve this, we are committed to the following core values:


ü  Light4Food delivers what it promises and only takes on projects it believes in. This approach enables us to grow every day and be at the basis of the most innovative projects that give shape to our core values.

ü  these innovative projects are grounded on the idea of interaction with the customer. Because we operate as a technical supplier as well as a knowledge and development partner, projects are a partnership between the customer and Light4Food. That is why we see each client as our partner


ü  reducing water consumption by developing efficient cultivation systems

ü  the reuse of heat and energy in order to achieve as much yield as possible with less input from fossil fuels

ü  the realization of short chains resulting in a reduction of CO₂ emissions and food waste resulting from transport

ü  developing circular solutions such as the reuse of plant material and plant residues

ü  maximizing yield per square meter through complete control and automation of cultivation

ü  realizing short chains by developing systems that enable food to be grown locally and just in time, avoiding food waste that occurs during transport

Food Safety

ü  the creation of fully controlled cultivations in order to exclude weather and climate influences for a completely plannable and constant production that gives a uniform plant quality, anywhere in the world

ü  developing systems in which food can be produced to the highest achievable standards of hygiene

Healthy Food

ü  developing systems to grow a pure, nutrient-rich and healthy crop that is free of chemicals and other pesticides

ü  controlling the efficient growth of plants and their contents in order to grow a nutrient-rich crop

ü  longer shelf life of products