Climate Chambers

Light4Food's Climate Chambers are facilities that allow daylight-free cultivation of plants. Because they are modular, the number of climate chambers as well as the size of the growing surface can be adjusted. We provide the customer with tailor-made systems for each application of the climate chamber from the perspective of the plant.

Light4Food can supply climate chambers turnkey because it can design and realize the following facets:

Climate control – a unique climate system is engineered and built to achieve the desired temperature, humidity, CO2 and air velocities. Light4Food guarantees uniform conditions throughout the entire climate chamber.

Lighting system – the optimal lighting system is engineered and realized. We offer possibilities in controlling both the light spectrum and the light intensity.

Design of the cultivation system - the appropriate design is engineered and built. The design depends on several aspects that are determined by the plant to be grown. This can vary from multiple layers to single layer systems. Multiple layers can consist of fixed racks or mobile trolleys. Single layer systems can consist of growing tables, gutter systems or ponds.

Irrigation and nutrient systemsan appropriate irrigation and nutrient system is engineered and built. Ranging from fully automatic systems to manual systems. Ebb and flood systems, drip systems and ponds are some of the possibilities and the ability to create and supply different nutrient mixes simultaneously is the standard.

Mobile or fixed solutions – the climate chambers can be built mobile or fixed. Mobile solutions are completely built in our factory after which they are transported to the customer. Fixed solutions are prefabricated in our factory and completed on site.

Software – Our software engineers design a tailor-made software system for each application using Priva interface. The climate conditions, the lighting system and the irrigation and nutrient systems are controlled by a software system. The software stores all data, realizes warning notifications and allows growth recipes to be stored and executed. The climate chambers can be controlled remotely and controlled separately for different settings.

















Applications of climate chambers

Our climate chambers can be used for various applications. From seed germination, research, growing a crop to drying the final product. Each climate chamber is specifically designed for its application to guarantee optimal results.


The perfect germination is the start of the perfect cultivation. Every crop has its own optimal germination conditions. The germination chambers are engineered to guarantee uniform humidity and temperature conditions. This ensures a high germination success rates which are the key for a reliable start of cultivation.


The propagation chambers can be used for various applications such as tissue culture, cuttings or cultivation from seed. The chambers are built at Clean Room level to ensure that the plants are free of diseases. The uniform conditions throughout the cell ensure a high success rate of cultivation.

Light4Food has developed recipes for rooting cuttings. The rooting process up to the hardening of the plant is controlled by climate control and spectrum and intensity controlled LED lighting. Each grower has his own requirements for the desired cultivated plant, depending on the purpose of the plant. From a short plant with many shoots to a long plant with a thick stem. The plants can be controlled by climate control and lighting options. Resulting in a good start of the cultivation cycle.

Research and breeding

The breeding process can be optimized by carrying out the process in a closed and clean environment. Pollination of flowers, for example, is a sensitive process in breeding. By creating the right climate and light recipe the breeding process can be accelerated leading to successful pollination and higher results in seed production. The breeding process from seed to seed can be shortened in order to speed up the development of new varieties. This application is also suitable for plant research into plant diseases, the pollination process, nutrient intake, biological crop protection and many other studies.

Indoor Farming

Growing crops in an Indoor Farm has many advantages. By having complete control over the growing conditions, the same yields and quality can be produced all year round. The climate chambers are built at Clean Room level so that the crops can be grown in a clean environment and free of pesticides. In this way up to 95% less water can be used compared to traditional cultivation and products have a longer shelf life. By producing locally and close to the market, transport costs and emissions are reduced.

Drying chambers

Drying of plants is a critical process because the contents have to be preserved. Light4Food has developed drying chambers for an optimal drying process. An important part in creating an optimal climate for drying crops is the constant interaction between air velocity and dehumidification to prevent the formation of fungus and to dry the product optimally with minimal loss of quality and substance content.