LED lighting solutions for greenhouses

Light4Food supplies and mounts Top- & Interlighting modules for greenhouses. Advice and calculation of the lightspectrum and lightintensity, and the supply and mounting of the modules brings knowledge and implementation together. The Toplighting modules are the durable replacers of the currently used SON-T Sodium lights and are mounted at the top of the greenhouse. The Toplighting modules are perfectly suitable to increase light intensity and to control plant growth. The Interlighting modules are attached amidst the crops to increase light intensity in between the crops. These modules are mounted adjustable in height.

Light4Food doesn’t stop at the delivery of the LED lighting. After installation, the grower is advised in the use of the LED lighting. Light4Food stays actively involved with the grower so knowledge can be acquired and spread. Knowledge exchange groups for cultivators using Light4Food’s LED lighting solutions are set up.