Light4Food - Your Partner in Indoor Growing

Light4Food is your partner in Indoor Growing. We realize TurnKey Indoor Growing projects, give advice and cultivation guidance in an Indoor Growing project and realize technical high quality Mobile Climate Chambers. We also deliver LED lighting solutions for greenhouses and use LED in other applications.

Indoor Growing is the cultivation of plants in a closed environment without sunlight. The ideal conditions for the plant are met in this indoor environment by having full control over the climate, the LED lighting and the nutrient solution. The research to find the right growing recipe is conducted together with our clients, making our clients our partners. Together we search for the right growing recipe for the optimization of the crop in an indoor environment.


We received our FD Gazellen Award

Last Thursday, the presentation of the FD Gazellen Awards regio Zuid took place in the Evoluon in Eindhoven.

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Light4Food winner of the FD Gazellen Award 2018

We can proudly announce that Light4Food is one of the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands.

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