Light4Food - Your Partner in Indoor Growing Systems

Light4Food is an innovative company that focuses on the design, production and assembly of sustainable closed cultivation systems and machinery for the horticultural sector. We supply TurnKey Indoor Growing Projects. This means that we take on the project management to realize all aspects of an Indoor Growing Project.

Indoor Growing is the cultivation of plants in a closed environment. The ideal conditions for the plant are met in this environment by having full control over the climate, LED lighting and nutrient solution. This cultivation process, known as city farming or vertical farming, is ideal for propagation young plants, cultivating full head crops and growing healthier, pesticide-free crops. Indoor Growing maximizes production by growing in multiple layers, achieving a higher yield with a smaller footprint.


Field Day at Enza Zaden

Today at Enza Zaden´s Field Day in Dannstadt, Germany. Our colleague Rene van Haeff is there to show our hydroponic cultivation system and answer all your questions.

Stand ENZA Fieldtag

Light4Food presents during the Seed Meets Technology event

Would you like to know the latest developments in hydroponic leafy green cultivation? Or are you interested in a substrate-free cultivation system?

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