Mobile Climate Chambers

Light4Food’s Mobile Climate Chamber is a cultivation facility existing of modular components. The number of climate chambers and the size of the cultivation surface can be adjusted. The climate, irrigation and lighting can be regulated separately in every chamber. By installing Philips GreenPower LED module Dynamic, every desired light spectrum and light intensity can be created. Particularly for this application, Light4Food has introduced a new air treatment concept, by which optimal conditions for plants are achieved. The plant itself is taken as the basis for the air treatment concept. The Mobile Climate Chamber is completely set up to the desires of the customer and is ‘Plug-and-Play’ delivered.

Our clients use the Mobile Climate Chamber, amongst others, for the full indoor cultivation of leafy- and fruit crops, the germination and nursery of young plants, the grafting and cuttings of flowers and fruit vegetables, plant breeding and the examining of new plant species.