Indoor GrowHow

Knowledge is needed to discover the optimal growing recipe for each plant. Light4Food Indoor GrowHow is aimed on the research of growing plants in an indoor environment and the development of new cultivation systems for indoor growing. Vegetables, fruits and herbs are studied, both leafy vegetables as well as fruit crops. The search for the right growing recipe is entered in cooperation with our clients and partners. Since the plant is the central point in our indoor growing facilities, the gained knowledge of Light4Food Indoor GrowHow is used in the engineering of the indoor growing facilities.

Experience gained by Light4Food Indoor GrowHow is used for the further development and innovation of our Indoor Growing Systems.

Light4Food also has own research facilities in which research is being conducted in several crops. Light4Food offers to possibility to conduct research into your crops.

Light4Food offers the following services:

• Light spectrum and light intensity research to determine the right lightrecipe for the plant;

• Crop selection;

• Cultivation system and substrate research;

• Research for the growing recipes, which contain of light recipes, climate settings and nutrients;

• Start up guidance of the cultivation and the indoor growing facility;

• Supervising of the cultivation and technical installation in the indoor facility;

• Training of the client and his personnel;

• Optimization of the indoor cultivation.